Fear-mongering on Iran meets LOLcatz

They say mockery is highest form of flattery, right? A web commentator (who prefers to remain anonymous) forwarded around this graffitied explanation of The Israel Project’s latest infographic. This is the same pro-settler advocacy group that brought you faked hundreds signatures on their last Iran petition and teaches their advocates to accuse Obama of “ethnically cleansing” Jews from Israel while arguing that settlements were necessary for Israeli security. After the Pew study on American Jews’ views of settlements (news flash: we’re not fans), you have to wonder whether this group is still within the mainstream.

But the Israel Project nevertheless wants you to help them undermine President Obama’s current success with Iranian negotiations. You know, only the first President in, oh, 40 years to reopen diplomatic relations with that country, halt several Israeli strikes that would have cost Israeli and American lives, and put a permanent, peaceful solution within reach. So yeah, infographic notwithstanding, I think I’ll support Secretary of State Kerry’s amazing accomplishments in the region.

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  1. This is weird.

    Your “web commentator (who prefers to remain anonymous)” seems to have nothing to offer on this topic aside from graffitied mockery.

    Does he/she have anything to contribute on questions of the nuclear fuel cycle, uranium enrichment technologies and capacities, plutonium production, centrifuge cascades and metallurgy? Anything on Iranian leadership intentions? Long range strike capabilities? Explosive hydrodynamics research?

    If not why should we take his/her graffiti any more seriously than a LOLcatz pic?

    Eric · November 24th, 2013 at 2:23 pm
  2. I think there are important things to say about those issues, but I also think it’s worthwhile to pop the self-inflated paranoia that groups as far right as this use to generate fear-fueled conversations about them.

    Rational heads should prevail — such as President Obama’s and his supporters in the Jewish community — instead of panicked, fearful ones who will push Congress to jeopardize American and Israeli lives in the short-term.

    Kung Fu Jew 18 · November 24th, 2013 at 3:36 pm
  3. So yeah, infographic notwithstanding, I think I’ll support Secretary of State Kerry’s amazing accomplishments in the region.

    Fair enough. We’ll hold you to your words, KFJ.

    Jonathan1 · November 24th, 2013 at 6:54 pm
  4. “But the Israel Project nevertheless wants you to help them undermine President Obama’s current success with Iranian negotiations.”

    Or, maybe Obama and Kerry are trying to undermine Congress regarding sanctions……..

    israel · November 25th, 2013 at 1:00 pm
  5. Update: Elie Wiesel publishes ad in NYT.

    But I’m sure Wiesel will now just be called a paranoia-fueling fear monger, jaded by his unfortunate childhood (which, let’s face it, was so many moons ago as to be irrelevant to today’s context… and is dementia finally creeping in at his advanced age?).

    What has Obama (a “somebody” for 3 more years) done in his life to generate the kind of personal credibility as to negate the considerable professional and moral authority now rallied against the current direction of negotiations with Iran?

    In rowdier times, Jonathan1 used to talk about the Jewschool bloggers who once promoted giving up the Golan to Assad for a mere signature, how morally and strategically bankrupt they were, no matter their good intentions, and how they will never admit they were wrong, much less apologize for their advocacy. And Syria/Golan was not the only such case.

    I bring this up because we’re facing another such moment. Before bringing out the long knives for all the irrational heads, the “rational heads” should consider their track record in similar advocacy, and temper their unholstered passions with some humility.

    Victor · December 19th, 2013 at 7:26 am
  6. @Victor

    See this infamous post (what kind of “progressive” views are these?)


    Only HaShem knows what’s in store regarding Iran . . . but it’s pretty hard to fathom that we’re witnessing this happen before our eyes.

    Jonathan1 · December 21st, 2013 at 5:52 pm

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