TBT: Blogging the Homer DOH!

Rabbi, I forgot what day of          the omer it isWaaaay back in 2003, Mobius posted about Counting the Homer, a Simpsons Omer counter. To see the brief post in its original formal, click here.  Good find Mobius… It was, and remains, a popular counter, but no matter which of those links you click, you may be disappointed. The original JVibe host has since gone belly up.  And so if you’d like to keep up with the count, click here.

For those counting, last night was a Baker’s Dozen and two Donuts, 15 Donuts of the Homer (add one for tonight’s number).  In addition to the proper Sefira bracha, you might also need to say a mezonos. Apparently you can also follow the Homer on twitter.


2 Responses to “TBT: Blogging the Homer DOH!”

  1. Man, I have come a long way in the last 11 years. ;)

    Ex-Mobius · May 1st, 2014 at 5:37 pm
  2. Thanks Adam for the mention, and dredging up Mobius’ post.

    This is the 15th year I’ve been doing the Homer counter. It started as one (and only one) inside joke that I thought few would get. Instead it became a much bigger hit than I imagined.

    Every year, late in the winter, I wonder if it’s worth doing again. That I get emails from all over, asking if the next year’s calendar will be posted. So it’s updated yet again.

    In addition to the calendar (web and pdf) and the tweets, there’s a slide show with lots of Jewish-y scenes from the Simpsons and some insider-joke captions, and lots of links and comment on the Jewish-Simpsons connection (there’s a lot).

    I should mention that my favorite competition in the TV series+omer counter+one pun category, now in its second year, is the Counting the Omar tumbler, at countingtheomar2014.tumblr.com/. Check it out, too.

    Brian Rosman

    Brian Rosman · May 1st, 2014 at 7:22 pm

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