Since the intifada broke out a couple years back, there’s been a surge in anti-Semitism on campuses across the continent:

While the ADL may oft be full of it, this type of scenario seems to be becoming the norm these days.

In response, Jewish student groups are now organizing to combat the proliferation of this anti-Semitism-masked-as-anti-Zionism across the nation’s campuses. One byproduct of this effort offered by the Jewish Agency for Israel, in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is “The Ambassador” online training course which will “empower [students] both in the facts of the conflict, the tools to understand Palestinian propaganda/media bias and the means to advocate Israel.” I believe the general idea is to make it easier for Jewish students to jump down the throat of anyone they catch rocking a kaffiyeh or a Palestinian flag lapel pin.

Mmmm… Zionist propagandist training. Just what we needed. Chas v’shalom we should be offered courses in conflict resolution or something progressive like that.

*Update 4/26 1:30 pm More indepth coverage of this incident can be found here. Nods to Meryl.