Looks like George W. Bush is getting in touch with his Nazi roots. According to an article in this week’s Forward, “the Bush administration is undermining the fight to win compensation for Jewish victims of Nazi Germany.” Apparently Bush doesn’t want Poland—a country which was complicit in Nazi attrocities during WWII—to pay restitution to Holocaust survivors because he feels they should be rewarded for their support in the recent invasion of Iraq. So, let me get this straight—he’s going to pay them back by letting them keep the money they stole from my grandparents?
I’d like to think it’s unrelated, but this is old-hat for the Bush family. While most politically conservative Jews tout Bush as “the best thing to ever happen to Israel,” few acknowledge that Dubya’s grandfathers George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush laundered money for the Nazi party and had their bank seized under the Trading With The Enemy Act.
And just so you don’t let Dubya off the hook and think the sentiments didn’t carry over and that he’s a-okay because he’s got Jews like that bastard Ari Fleischer in his cabinet*, The Austin-American Statesmen reported in December 1998, that, on his first visit to Israel, when asked what he would say to his Jewish hosts as a born again Christian, he jokingly replied, “You’re all going to hell!” But this has not been the only such remark uttered from the man’s fumbling lips. Bush has reiterated—and then backtracked on—this issue before.
*Personally I find such strong relationships between Zionists and the Bush administration serve to do Israel’s cause more harm than good. Counterpoint here.