You know, I fancy myself a non-violent pacifist… but in the case of Protocol’s Stephen Weiss, I really want to kick the turd’s ass. This bastard talks more shit than Roto-Rooter and really can’t back it up.

Let alone the fact that he unjustly tore into me for merely suggesting that high profile Jews encourage antisemitism by partaking in shady business and thus casting negative aspursions on Jewish people (a traditionally accepted Jewish critique supported by Pirkei Avot which states that one should “loathe public office,” particularly for this reason); he further ignored my revisiting of the Neocon issue and publicly branded me an idiot. And now most recently, for simply posting another blogger’s opinion regarding Greg Easterbrook’s critique of Jewish propagation of violence in Hollywood (just two posts down), he deemed me “unable to think for [my]self.”

Perhaps Weiss could’ve read the comment I left on Atrios’ site before waging this contention, which stated that,

i’m gonna have to disagree to some minor extent, and i voiced this same concern when moran opened up his mouth– as a jewish person of strong moral conviction, i think that jews are to an extent responsible for the ire they draw. regardless of whether easterbrook or moran are antisemitic or merely voicing antisemitic rhetoric, the reality is that jews have no business making violent movies nor influencing governmental policy. these sorts of things are prohibited in the jewish faith. however, because these people are anything but religious, a) who gives a fuck, and b) why is their cultural heritage relevant? if they were doing business under the auspices of promoting judaism or just being jewish, it would count. but because it’s likely these men barely identify with being jewish, why (sic) does their jewishness have to do with anything?

But no… Instead, Weiss goes on to corroborate the previous point I’ve made about Jewish responsibility, saying Easterbrook

“…appeals to what he thinks should be the moral sensibilities of the Jewish executives distributing the film. The interesting thing is that his moral argument doesn’t simply appeal to a traditional Jewish moral sensibility based on, say, Bible and rabbinic texts, it appeals to Jews as victims of senseless violence — who therefore should reject glorification of senseless violence. It’s a cute, and pretty weird, argument. But it’s certainly not anti-Semitic.”

Yet when I interpret non-Jewish criticism of Jews supporting hawkish neoconservativism as a valid example of the reasoning behind such statements as the one I cite from Pirkei Avot, I’m an idiot. Yeah, okay.

Well, here’s what I think, Stephen Weiss, you have no decency, compassion, or even basic civility, your ongoing immaturity is astounding, and frankly it makes me ill. You obviously ignored the whole “forgiveness” portion of the Yom Kippur ritual, and have instead opted to inaugurate me as your annual whipping boy. Well, I won’t stand for it. If you think I’m an asshole because I believe Jews should hold other Jews accountable for their actions and the way they reflect upon the community as a whole, then you are most assuredly a bigger asshole than I. Judaism’s most certainly not a “turn the other cheek” religion, but I’d definitely like to turn one of your ass cheeks with a size 11½ Puma. Just name the corner, fool.