Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller, director of UCLA’s Hillel, may be charged with assault after confronting a Jewish nationalist journalist at a recent on-campus talk given by Alan Dershowitz, author of The Case for Israel.

Addressing the concerns of a group of demonstrators outside Royce Hall, where the engagement took place, Seidler-Feller began to discuss an upcoming event at which Sari Nusseibeh, president of Al Quds University and Palestinian Authority Commissioner for Jerusalem, would be speaking. Rachel Neuwirth, a reporter for Arutz Sheva & Frontpage Magazine, approached Rabbi Seidler-Feller and proceeded to leap down his throat “alleging that Nusseibeh helped direct missile attacks into Israel during the first Persian Gulf War.”

It is then alleged by Neuwirth that Seidler-Feller physically assaulted her, grabbing her wrist and kicking her, to which she responded by calling him a “capo”—inferring that he would help Nazis to kill his own people.

Welp, I don’t think Rabbi Seidler-Feller shoulda laid a hand on her, if he did, in fact. But after arguing back and forth with hardcore Jewish nationalists and being accused by them of being a Nazi and/or terrorist sympathizer for merely humanizing Palestinians, if not lending some small degree of credibility to their concerns, I can certainly understand why he’d be angry and want to knock the bitch out. Everytime my Orthodox Jewish Legionairre sister tells me I’m a disgrace to my grandparents for not wanting to murder every Arab in the Middle East, you can be sure I’ve wanted to kick her teeth in. But I try to focus on the fact that resorting to violence will not improve matters, rather only worsen them, and therefore refrain from such a response. Thus if Seidler-Feller learns anything from this experience, I hope it’s the acknowledgement that violence serves no purpose but to further emolden your opponents, and to make you look bad, even if you were standing up for something that is right.

Diplomacy and creative intellect are together the only way to solve this conflict. Violence will never be the answer.

[Update] Seidler-Feller will not be charged.