The JTA‘s Rachel Pomerance writes about the Third National Conference on the Palestine Solidarity Movement which is about to take place at Ohio State University this weekend:

…And the man who helped bring them here is a Jew.

In fact, Joseph Levine, faculty adviser to the Committee for Justice in Palestine, the local group hosting the event, says he grew up steeped in Judaism as a yeshiva student in Los Angeles. Levine nearly immigrated to Israel in the early 1970s. But after reading more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Levine says he came to feel that the Israel he had learned about as a child was “mythology.” Today he is an atheist and a professor of philosophy at Ohio State.

“We have a hard time seeing ourselves as the white men” oppressing supposedly indigenous Arabs, Levine says. “We essentially expelled the people that lived there,” and “then we complain that they hate us,” he says. “We’re not looking at ourselves honestly.”


Levine says it is precisely his Jewishness that drives him to scrutinize Israel so closely. As a Jew, he says, he is responsible for monitoring the actions of the Jewish state. And as an American, he must examine Israel, which receives more U.S. aid than any other country.

Does Levine raise a valid point, or is his missing something?