See now, I’m totally fine with bashing Sharon. But this just goes waaaaaaaay too far and, while not overtly invoking any Jewish imagery, can certainly be construed as antisemitic, because it ignores outright the concerns of Jewish people. To suggest that Ariel Sharon bites the heads off of babies, while turning a blind eye to the violence and bloodshed that Israelis (and often American Jews) endure from terrorism, is straight-up biased and unjust. Palestinian children are not the only children who have died in this conflict. There have been instances where Israeli babies were shot by snipers, or even at point-blank range in their beds at night.

Why is it, I have to wonder, that when a Palestinian child is wounded or killed in an Israeli military incursion, Israel is the world’s greatest evil; but when a Jewish child is killed by a Palestinian, or when Palestinians send their own children unto their deaths willingly (and often for financial incentive), it is considered understandable, noble, or even just?

I wonder if a political cartoon exploring that theme would even be considered for such a competition. Perhaps one like this:

Shaw. As if.