This week right-wing media figureheads such as Matt Drudge, Abraham Foxman and Michael Medved, and publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post stooped to all new lows as they joined forces with the Republican party (RNC) to slander and their Bush in 30 Seconds contest. Cynically, they used the Holocaust and anti-semitism as a tool to slander the entire Democratic party—and the left in general—and to try to distract people from the perfectly legitimate reasons for one to make a comparison between the Bush regime and the Hitler regime.

Here’s some quick background:, a private organization founded by two silicon valley entrepreneurs, was given several million dollars recently by financier George Soros who was forced to flee Hungary to escape the Nazis as a child. Soros commented in an interview with the Washington Post regarding his donation to MoveOn, “When I hear Bush say, ‘You’re either with us or against us,’ it reminds me of the Germans.” Soros continues, “It conjures up memories, he said, of Nazi slogans on the walls, Der Feind Hort mit (‘The enemy is listening’).”

Out of thousands of entries sent in by random web viewers unaffiliated with MoveOn itself, two submissions made comparisons between Bush’s use of the infamous pre-emptive war doctrine and the Third Reich’s use of the very same doctrine. After World War II, the doctrine of pre-emptive war was determined to be a war crime at the subsequent Nuremberg tribunals.

The RNC went into full Walter Winchell red-baiting slander mode and enlisted their right-wing Jewish minions to do most of the actual dirty work. Ed Gillespie, of the RNC falsely accused the activist website of “sponsoring” the two ads in question. Pundits Matt Drudge, Abraham Foxman of the ADL and Michael Medved—among others—helped distort and twist the situation around to further the Republican’s agenda. The tactics they used were incredibly cynical and manipulative and in a manner that in my opinion displays a total risregard for the lessons of the Holocaust.

The RNC, overlooking the disclaimer on every MoveOn commercial (“The viewpoints and opinions expressed in this ad are not necessarily endorsed by Voter Fund,, or the Bush in 30 Seconds ad contest.”) put out press releases and pushed the angle that MoveOn stood behind the message of two submissions and that so did the Democratic party by extension. ADL’s Foxman put out a press release that said his organization was “deeply troubled that had allowed an outrageous and highly offensive political ad that directly compared President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler to be posted on its Web site.”

Matt Drudge’s muck-raking scandal sheet Drudge Report treated this RNC propaganda push as if it was huge news, even breaking out his rarely used flashing police light graphic, which he normally reserves for only the biggest, most explosive stories—political resignations, massive terror attacks, etc. But this is total hypocrisy—The MoveOn organization had removed the two commercials the minute there were complaints. The copies of the ads had linked to were on the RNC website! So the Republican party is equally guilty of hosting the commercials and—in fact—the majority of people who have seen them undoubtedly got them from the RNC website. Why isn’t Abe Foxman “deeply troubled” that the Republican party allowed the commercials to be posted to its site? If Matt Drudge is so offended that these commercials were posted on the web then why did he link to them at the RNC site? The fact that Drudge knew there were copies of the commercials hidden somewhere on the RNC site strongly suggests that they were the ones who passed the story on to him. Otherwise how would he know how to find them?

But that’s not my biggest concern. I’m more worried about the ADL here, so I want to know, where was Abe Foxman’s righteous indignation when Rush Limbaugh was calling women who dared to stand up for their rights “feminazis?” Where was the RNC’s outrage every time Neil Boortz, Michael Savage and Ann Coulter referred to Senator Clinton as “Hitlery?”

Where was Abe Foxman when Ariel Sharon was rolling out the red carpet for the head of the Italian far-right wing National Alliance party, Gianfranco Fini? Italy’s National Alliance party is the legal heir to Mussolini’s Fascist party—the same fascist party that was allied with Hitler and sent thousands of Italian Jews to their deaths in the camps.

Why is it OK with Abe Foxman that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger toasted his friend and former Nazi party member Kurt Waldheim at his wedding to Maria Shriver, and that Schwarzenegger to this day refuses to condemn Waldheim for his Nazi past? What about the fact that Arnold once said he admired Hitler? Shouldn’t he have been drawing attention to these facts during the recall election?

All this just makes me wonder who or what Foxman is working for.

On January 5, Ralph Peters’ New York Post column—likening Howard Dean to Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, and Dean’s followers to Nazi Brownshirts, got no comment from any right-wing media pundits. How come? Isn’t that horribly offensive? The Wall Street Journal demanded an apology from MoveOn, but made no mention of The New York Post article. As of 5:00pm EST, Wednesday, a Google News search returned more than 100 stories on the fiasco, with the bulk of coverage casting a negative light on A similar search on Peters’ Dean-Nazi comparison returns only one story—The New York Post column itself.

And forget about getting the RNC to comment on Grover Norquist comparing the estate tax to the Holocaust.

As Mobius’ friend SNAFU noted on Jakeneck, an article from the Free Press details the Bush families actual connections to the rise of the Nazi party:

Because legal action was taken, Bush’s deeds have been a matter of public record since 1942. They were widely covered in newspapers and electronic media at the time. The history is readily accessible. But right-wing Bush fanatics continue to deny those ties existed. In a nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talk host Michael Medved recently claimed that Prescott Bush’s bank’s ties to the Nazis had not been established.

Why is Michael Medved covering for Bush’s family’s documented illegal dealings with the Nazi regime? How far would he stoop to help the Republicans?

Washington Post editor Bob Woodward’s book about Bush’s war-making apparatus (Bush at War) says that Bush’s master political strategist, Karl Rove, was said to have compared the post-9/11 display at the World Series in Yankee Stadium to a Nazi rally. The Republicans see the resemblance that was pointed out in the MoveOn commercials too, only they revel in it.

Forgive me for saying so, but the Republicans, the growing legion of Jewish Uncle Tom-like RNC minions, and most of all the ADL, don’t seem to have as much (if any) interest in defending Jews or the victims of the Holocaust or in preventing real anti-semitism as they do in using the Holocaust to further their right-wing political agenda of pre-emptive war. In time, such things will only damn the Jewish people, but most certainly, they will not help them.