Israel Insider has an article about Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ in which it says:

“Former minister of labor and social affairs Shlomo Benizri, told a Haredi pirate radio station a number of weeks ago that the Jews did, in fact, kill Jesus. “According to Torah law, they decided to hang Jesus.”

Benizri, who confirmed the comments yesterday, said Jesus was put to death according to Sanhedrin (ancient Jewish court) tradition, Maariv reported. “They took him up to a high roof, and threw him crashing to the ground. Afterwards they hung his body on wooden beams in the shape of a “T,” but not as the Christian legends say that he was crucified. That’s nonsense.”

Benizri told Maariv that Jesus’ death was an internal Jewish affair. “What is there to deny? We’re talking about a yeshiva student who left Judaism, and the Sanhedrim put him to death.”

Strangely, in all the discussion of the film, this is the first I’ve ever heard anyone claim this. Do the Separdis know something about History that other people don’t or something?