Recently there has been a renewed round of criticism from all across the blogosphere directed towards the immensely popular war blog Little Green Footballs (LGF). Such popular sites as Metafilter, Daily Kos, and Winds of Change have led the charge that LGF is an abhorrently racist site, with some folks going so far as to suggest that “Basically, LGF is ‘’ only it’s all about Palestinains and Arabs instead of Jews.” Along with this criticism, a quiz has surfaced which mixes quotes from Little Green Footballs among nearly indistinguishable quotes from famous Nazis (“Late German Fascists”) and asks its takers to figure out which “LGF” is responsible for each particular quote. Further yet, others are demanding that LGF be banned from using Amazon and Paypal’s fundraising systems because the site violates those companies’ policies towards “hate sites.” In fact, there’s now an entire blog dedicated to monitoring the activities of LGF itself, called LGFWatch.

LGF has been in an uproar over all of this allegedly spontaneous activity, crying censorship and persecution. However, the first shot in this round of cross-blog criticism was fired by LGF itself, when editor Charles Johnson and his readers went ballistic over a thread posted at prominent Democratic site Daily Kos regarding the brutal killing and desecration of four American mercenaries in Iraq. Following the April 1 post by Daily Kos’ Marcos Zuniga, in which he expressed his lack of sympathy for the deceased mercenaries, Johnson branded Kos anti-American and unimaginably callous for not having—ahem—proper respect for the deceased. This is, of course, exceptionally ironic, as LGF is well known for, among other things, mocking American peace activist Rachel Corrie who was killed protesting Israeli house demolitions last year.

The following day, Zuniga extrapolated on his sentiments, apologizing for his remarks and explaining that his anger originates from his own experience growing up in war-torn El Salvador. However, this fair-minded explaination did not deter Johnson, nor his readers, who had already taken it upon themselves to wish for Kos himself to be burned alive and who then went on to attack Kos’s funding by spamming the sites’s sponsors with aggravated complaints.

Daily Kos readers have responded in kind, and now the situation seems to have the potential to develop into an all-out blog war. Apparently LGFers don’t like it when they get a taste of their own medicine…