From this week’s NY Press letters section:

I am outraged. How could the insufferable Jerry Nadler not make the list (“50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers,” 3/31)? What a bloviating hypocrite. I watch ole Jerry moaning about every oppressed group in the world, except one. Yup: The Palestinians. When it comes to them, Jerry has a blindspot. He supports Israeli checkpoints, the wall, targeted assassinations, the 37-year occupation. And with zest. The only member of our delegation in Congress who is worse is Hillary, but she’s Hillary. What do you expect?

No, it’s Jerry who makes me sick. The only reason he is indifferent to the suffering of Palestinian kids (who live in conditions akin to sub-Saharan Africa, according to USAID) is that he is Jewish. And, for Jerry, ethnic solidarity trumps human rights.

So here’s my idea. I know that Jerry will never speak out against Palestinian suffering because he feels no empathy for Arabs. But he can shut up about gays, African-Americans, the working poor, Third Worlders of all stripes and all the other people he expresses solidarity with. Until he can express sympathy for people his own (and my own) people are hurting, he should shut up about all the rest.

Jerry is like a German leftist who loves all oppressed peoples but can’t stomach the Jews! He’s a chauvinist and a bigot and he should not be representing the West Side of Manhattan.

Fat or less fat, he is the most obnoxious New Yorker. Shame on you for not giving Jerry his due.

Al Horowitz, Manhattan

Damn, that’s rough…