I’ve done a longer posting on this subject over at Just Another Rant, but I figured my first posting to Jewschool should be something related to Jewschool’s efforts. In essence, I’ve taken a look at the contrasting ideological underpinnings of the Jooglebomb efforts and the RemoveJewWatch approach.

I have to believe that Jooglebombing, which does not seek to silence JewWatch, but rather seeks to confront it with more speech, is representative of a better way of approaching anti-Semitism. RemoveJewWatch, on the other hand, is about silencing and delegitimization. Sadly, the larger Jewish community has confronted the rising anti-Semitism linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with this approach of delegitimization. Perhaps we could take the approach of Jewschool and its fellow Jooglebombers to heart in the larger context. Anyways, read more about it at the link above.