The AP reports,

Major American Jewish organizations are praising President Bush’s support for Israeli plans to withdraw from Gaza and maintain some settlements in the West Bank – but a few groups are criticizing him.

It’s funny cuz uh, I don’t remember granting any organizations the right to speak on my behalf, and somehow, I doubt any of these groups asked their constituents their positions before “representing” them.

Not that I’m against a West Bank and Gaza withdrawl, or anything… I just don’t like seeing “Jews,” “support,” and “Bush” in the same sentence. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.

In related news, Eric Yoffie has lost my respect and Arthur Hertzberg has retained it, yet oddly, in an interview with Lyndon Larouche’s EIR. I bet he had no clue which magazine that interview was going in… (I’m gonna call him later and ask.)