Ireland Online reports,

Owen Wilson has lashed out at [New Yorker magazine reporter David Denby], for lambasting his movie pal Ben Stiller “tiresome” screen presence and for being the “crudest, version of the urban Jewish male on the make”.


“[M]aybe the most crucial audience-rewarding beat is where one buddy comes to the aid of the other guy to help defeat a villain. Or bully. Or jerk. Someone the audience can really root against. How could an audience not be dying for a real ‘Billy Jack’ moment of reckoning for Denby after he dismisses or diminishes or just plain insults practically everything Stiller has ever worked on?

“And not letting it rest there, in true bully fashion Denby moves on to take some shots at the way Ben looks and even his Jewish-ness, describing him as the ‘latest, and crudest, version of the urban Jewish male on the make’.

“The audience is practically howling for blood! I really wish I could deliver for them – but that’s Jackie Chan’s role.”

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