I just watched the Frontline documentary “Israel’s Next War?”
It focusses on the Kahanists, the Hilltop Youth and Jewish terrorists whose primary goals are to rid “greater Israel” of non-Jews, to rid Israel of Western influence, and to establish a theocratic monarchic state.
The film is extraordinarily well done and very revealing (and very very frightening). In one interview, a Jew who had tried to blow up a Palestinian girls’ school admits in a calm tone that his approach was not different from that of Hamas. Wow.
In my opinion, these radical elements are the greatest danger to the future of Israel and to the well being of the Jewish people. Those of you who read this blog and identify with right wing ideology need to see this film in order to understand that our religion can be bastardized from the right as well as from the left– you are the ones with the clout and knowledge to reign in this fringe, and I challenge you to do just that.
Everyone else should see it too. You can watch it online (and read some interesting articles/interviews) here.