This should be an interesting trip (c/o Dan Rosen):

If you’re coming to Israel on birthright, or if you’ve been to Israel before but feel that you were perhaps left with a one-sided view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or that you did not learn as much about the present situation as much as you’d have liked, you may want to consider attending one of these programs this summer:
Bina Kehilla:
The Bina Kehilla trip will be a genuinely eye-opening experience for its participants by allowing them to witness first hand what is happening in the region. The delegation will visit communities in Palestine and Israel, border checkpoints, Jewish settlements, and major landmarks with tours of these areas by local community leaders, members of Palestinian and Israeli peace and justice organizations, and student/youth community leaders. We will be immersing ourselves in Israeli and Palestine culture by staying in hotels and in communities impacted by the ongoing problems of the region.

One questions – is this free as birthright is?