Despite the first ever UJA GBLT Mission that was originally scheduled to coincide with this August’s World Pride and other acts of unity around the event, WorldPride is now officially postponed to August 6-12, 2006.
Below are excerpts from last week’s email from WorldPride’s North American Chair, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah in New York.

Dear Colleague,
By now, you may have heard that a decision was made to reschedule Jerusalem WorldPride due to the fact that its events would have coincided with the dates of Israel’s disengagement from Gaza. This decision was made by the
Board of Jerusalem Open House , host of WorldPride…I fully support this decision.
As a steadfast supporter of WorldPride and a person of faith, I ask that you remain aware that the bigots and zealots who have opposed and continue to oppose this gathering through lies, innuendoes and smear tactics, might feel “energized” by its rescheduling.
Also, be aware, that, while the complex political and social issues raised by the Gaza pullout and the solidarity we feel with the people of Israel at this time of uncertainty were our only motivation for the date change, those facts might be misrepresented by those blinded by hatred and intolerance.
Your support, now more than ever, is crucial to WorldPride and to getting the message across, loud and clear, that WorldPride will happen and will be the most successful example of tolerance, love and interfaith solidarity in one of mankind’s holiest locations. I also ask you to invite as many of your colleagues as possible to sign the clergy letter of support that you signed. We now have over 1000 members of the clergy from around the world as co-signers. You can view this list on our website at

I urge Jewschool readers who support this event to encourage clergy to sign this letter.