“The Jewish community is in a very awkward situation because many of them are very liberal Democrats, but at the same time, they’re very pro-Israel, so how do you walk that line with a Republican President that is pro-Israel? How do you remain true to your political beliefs and at the same time, act for a safe and secure Israel? How can you be against Bush, but pro-war? There were many people in the Jewish community who were in favor of the war against Iraq simply for the safety of Israel, but as we’ve found out more about the reasons for going to war and the way it’s been handled, there’s been a huge sense of confusion and dismay about it. We’re in a huge mess now. Every single reason up to this point has fallen to the wayside, including the democracy argument.”
–Barry Cohen, 36, Rabbi of Temple B’nai Israel, a Reform Jewish Congregation Founded in 1903 in Oklahoma City

…From a great weblog called “Stories in America.”