It might be cold and rainy but it’s still Sukkos so here’s a halachic question for you. Are you allowed to pee in the Sukkah?
It might sound like a crazy question but let’s go back in time a little. Remember that Torah goes hand in hand with history. Not too long ago there was no such thing as indoor plumbing. People in small towns in eastern Europe lived in houses with dirt floors that were pretty much shacks. Actually if you visit there today you’ll still find people in small towns living in small shacks without indoor plumbing. Even in people’s own houses they sometimes peed into a container rather than making the trek to the outhouse. Kind of like a spitoon but for urine and with a cover for when you’re done so you don’t stink up the place. So the question was asked whether you can do that in a Sukkah just like you do it in your house.
The Chayei Adam said that you can’t because a Sukkah has a certain amount of holiness and that is how the Mishnah Brurah holds. However the Minchas Elazar argues that you can and says that he personally saw great and holy rabbis do it! I’m guessing that it must have been his father and grandfather, both great chassidic rabbis themselves, who he saw because it’s the kind of thing you don’t do around strangers.
To give a little context the Minchas Elazar was Rabbi Chaim Elazar Shapiro (1871-1936, Hungary), the Munkaczer Rebbe. The Chayei Adam was Rabbi Avraham Danzig (1748-1820, Lithuania). And the Mishnah Brurah was Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan (1838-1933, Poland).