Okay folks I know that last month we invited you all to Kol Zimrah in honor of our third anneversary. But we took a poll to see if anyone came because they heard about us on Jewschool and not one person raised their hand! [Update: Lost of love to you Aliza!] To everyone else: People, you are seriously missing a revolution here.
But all it not lost. This Friday I will be leading along with the jazz styles of Ruby-K on sax, as well as two other extremly talented musicians playing on guitar and dumbek. It may sound like a concert to you, but if you’re saying that, you’re showing you’ve never really experienced Kol Zimrah. It’s a participatory service with exciting tunes, new and old, to accompnay the full Hebrew liturgy.
So if you’re in NYC, can make it to the SAJ @ 15 West 86th Street at 6:30pm, we’d love to see you there.
Special guest apperances by other Jewschool bloggers! (And tell us that Jewschool sent you!)