The American Jewish Committee’s 2005 Survey of American Jewish Opinion reveals stunning information about the American Jewish community’s feeling towards the — ahem — “Global struggle against extremism.”

  • 60% disapprove of the government’s handling of the “War on Terror” [Source]
  • 70% disapprove of the war in Iraq [Source]
  • 54% identify as Democrat and only 16% as Republican [Source]
  • 44% identify as liberal, 26% as conservative and 29% as moderate [Source]
  • 50% believe that the threat of overturning Roe v. Wade is grounds to disqualify a Supreme Court nominee [Source]
  • 77% believe the U.S. needs to achieve energy independence [Source]

Conversely, the numbers on religious participation are a bit less flattering.
[Update] AJCommittee’s exec. dir., David Harris, to JTA: “Even on the eve of the war, fewer American Jews than other Americans were supportive of the prospect of going to war with Iraq. As American public support has declined since 2003, Jewish support has been declining in step, but because it began at a lower level, it continues to remain at a lower level of support than other Americans.”