After consulting with our various judges (including Sarah Lefton, Ben Baruch, Ezra HaLevi, and a handful of others) here are Jewschool’s picks for The Best of 2005.

  • Movie: Ushpizin. Runner-up: The Aristocrats.
  • TV Show: The Daily Show. Runner-up: Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Book: Schlepping Through the Alps by Sam Apple. Runner-up: Bar Mitzvah Disco by Roger Bennet, Jules Shell & Nick Kroll.
  • Album: Matisyahu Live At Stubbs — Not because it’s his best material to date, but because of the impact he’s made in the last year. Runner-up: Lewis Black Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues — It ain’t music, but damnit it’s entertaining.
  • Magazine: Atlanta Jewish Life — Quite possibly the best Jewish magazine in print. Runner-up: Guilt & Pleasure — A suprisingly good late entry.
  • Website: — Always provoking, always engaging. Runner-up: — A non-stop treasure trove of hillarity.
  • Blog: Jewschool — Who’d have guessed?! Runner-up: Jewlicious — Our more religious, nerdy, ardently Zionistic younger brother.
  • News Story: Surfing Settlers Threaten Suicide by Sea. Runner-up: The AIPAC Spy Scandal.
  • Person: Arik Sharon — For having the balls to disengage. Runner-up: Bonnie Schwartz — A long-time Jewschool reader and the first ever Jewish woman to swim the English Channel, and with a busted rotater cuff at that!

What are your Best of 2005?