Yeah I’m embarrassed. I wear a black hat. If the press were to characterize me, they’d get all confused about whether to call me Orthodox Jew, Ultra-Orthodox, Chasidic. And I’ve got a black raincoat with a lining and belt. So that pic of Jack Abramoff makes me wonder how my guys – the Chosen People, the people of the book, the community of obssessive legalists can get pied in the face time after time. What are we doing wrong?

I can’t say that I know. Actually if I were to post my thoughts on this it would turn into a book so I’ll put that aside for now. But man am I embarrassed. At least there aren’t Orthodox rabbis involved in public sex scandals. Oh wait. Darn!

I came across this list of Business Ethics websites here and figured I’d snatch it:

Even if many others aren’t observing the Torah, we can at least use it as a goal we can aspire to. Let the crooks be crooks but you and me can do the right thing.