Elicia Brown writes in this week’s issue of the Federation controlled New York Jewish Week that,

Rabbi Roston, the first woman rabbi to lead a Conservative congregation of this size, wants you to know it can be done: It’s possible to juggle parenthood and the 70-hour workweek that serving a large synagogue entails. “I think that any boundaries in your career should always be self-imposed,” says the rabbi, who is 37, and started at Beth El in July. “We shouldn’t be held back just because we’re women.”

Of course, there are a few caveats, but none any “super-mommy” wouldn’t have at her disposal. She just needs a “live-in nanny,” to help with those less spiritual aspects of parenting, because, “Baths mean ‘hard work and fights,’not conducive to the atmosphere the rabbi wants for those hours with her children.” Of course, that might necessitate a husband who is, well, comfortable. For instance, say, a “senior portfolio manager.” 😉
These exceptionally privileged circumstances are considered normative by the writers of the Federation paper. It is a critical part of their unique brand and vision of Jewish-Feminism.
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