There’s one month left to register online for the World Zionist Congress elections! If you agree with these central tenents (scroll to the very bottom) and are over the age of 18, you qualify to vote.
Voting in the Congress elections is a simple and effective way to effect change in Israel. By electing a slate which will represent your views before the Congress, you can help set the funding and lobbying priorities of the American Zionist Movement, and in turn, the World Zionist Organization for the coming years.
If you’re fed up with Right-wing organizations like The Zionist Organization of America and American Friends of The Likud leading the charge for American Zionists, pony up your $7 and elect a leadership which better represents your views and your desires for the future of Israel.
Jewschool recommends the following slates:
The Hatikva Coalition, comprised of Ameinu, Meretz USA, Habonim Dror, Hashomer Hatzair and the Union of Progressive Zionists, stands for “Peace, Pluralism and Peoplehood” and promotes a platform of “Security through Peace: Peace through Negotiations — an end to the occupation that consumes the body and soul of Israel. Full equality for all streams of Judaism; complete equality and civil rights for all Israeli citizens. A social and economic system that will not tolerate hunger and poverty.”
The Green Zionist Alliance is “comprised of Jewish environmentalists who care about the country, the people and the land of Israel. […] We are passionately committed to peace, pluralism and human and civil rights. With that as our foundation, the unique focus and central priority of The Green Zionist Alliance is the protection of Israel’s environment.” The GZA’s election slate features Prof. Susannah Heschel, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Noam Dolgin of The Teva Learning Center, Nigel Savage of Hazon, and other fine Jewish social and environmental leaders and activists.
The Jewish Reconstructionist Federation is committed to advancing the cause of religious pluralism in Israel. “Unlike other movement-based slates we are not trying to replicate the Reconstructionist movement in Israel, but we are trying to support the development of pluralistic Judaism on Israeli terms, and the development of a greater sense of Jewish peoplehood throughout the world. In this way, though we may share many of the same core values as our counterparts at the Congress, our unique perspective allows us to bring new and nuanced vision to the body’s dialogue.”
Seize this unique opportunity to make a difference. Register to vote today!