So I’ve just got back from LimmudNY – wifi was down for a day, so you’ll have to wait for reviews/thoughts on some of the sessions. But let’s just say that Kutsher’s is kitsch nirvana: the faded grandeur of this mother-hen of the old Catskills resorts has an old-school feel that’s part Jewish renaissance interior decor, and part whatever was on sale when they recarpeted that particular room. I’m not saying that I didn’t have a weekend replete with intellectual debate, a more-carbs diet, and a range of session presenters from textual to hipster (and I don’t mean that in a bad way).
It’s just that I couldn’t get over the carpets. There are patterns that are Cheadle (pink, green, flowered), lurid (bright green and red), mismatched (there’s a couple of images of great carpet joinage), all coupled with faux Louis XV wallpaper. And the names: the Stardust Room (we saw Debbie Friedman and Basya Shechter, although not together, but for pesach you get Dudu Fisher), the Deep End (great, er, bar) and the Launch Pad.
So, preserved for posterity: a time will come when Kutscher’s either redecorate, or the whole thing fades into oblivion.
I give you: The Kutschers Online Carpet Museum. You read it here first.
As they say in NY – enjoy.