banned.jpgIs it not the slightest bit ironic, or worthy of note, that Israel’s neighbors, who routinely publish the most vile, repulsive antisemitic cartoons on a weekly basis, are now inciting the violence of their own citizens because of a single offensive anti-muslim one.
I think it would be a good thing for all people who support civil liberties to forward the image around to their friends, post it all over the internet, and in general fight the efforts of those who would suppress speech of any kind, including offensive speech.
In a way, those who apologize for Muslim violence, in Gaza, Damascus, and elsewhere, are perpetuating the same myths that, when spread by Westerners, are condemned as Orientalist: oh, you can’t blame them after all, this is just so offensive to their religion, after all they can’t be held to the same moral standards as the rest of us. Well, which is it? Either we’re on a level playing field here — with people whose morality and ethics are just like our own, in which case Israel should trade land for peace and we should expect leaders to control their rabble — or we’re not on a level playing field, in which case the far right has been correct all along that moderate-ish Arab governments will never control their extremist elements.
In the meantime, I hope you’ll forward the cartoon around, not for its broad caricature, but as the latest of a long line of texts to be committed to the flames by religious fanatics.