With one week left for Americans to register for the 35th World Zionist Congress, when I received an email from Dor Chadash with the subject line “Vote Now! The Largest Israeli Election Poll Outside Of Israel” I assumed the email was referring to the upcoming American Zionist Movement‘s oraganizing to elect our delegates. However, instead they are referring to an internet poll they are conducting, which asks the public which Israeli political party we would vote for, offering entry into a raffle for a free trip to Israel for all entrants.
For those of you who want to vote in an election in which your voice wil actually count for something, I suggest you take a few minutes and a few bucks ($7, or $5 for students), to register for the American Zionist Movement’s 35th World Zionist Congress.
And for those of you who are thinking “Well, I don’t know if I’m a Zionist, I care about Israel and Jews and all, but I’m not planning on moving to Israel and I have some criticisms of the government…” this is exactly the place to have your voice heard. Take a few mintues and look at the platforms; you may find an organization that you would like to support. “Post-&Anti-Zionists” are even allowed! All you need is a Social Security Number.
And for those of you who can see “Green” or “Habonim” or “Likud” below and know exactly who you want to vote for, be my guest. The most important thing is to REGISTER NOW so you can vote for your delegates who will represent America’s views on Israel at the congress this June.
Once you register, you’ll need to pick a platform to vote for.
Click to read each of the twelve platforms or click below for the websites for each platform: