The UK Guardian published a two part story last week, the first making a case that Israel is an apartheid state, the second exposing the sordid relationship between Israel and the South African apartheid regime.

Many Israelis recoil at suggestions that their country, risen from the ashes of genocide and built on Jewish ideals, could be compared to a racist regime. Yet for years the bulk of South Africa’s Jews not only failed to challenge the apartheid system but benefited and thrived under its protection, even if some of their number figured prominently in the liberation movements. In time, Israeli governments too set aside objections to a regime whose leaders had once been admirers of Adolf Hitler. Within three decades of its birth, Israel’s self-proclaimed “purity of arms” – what it describes as the moral superiority of its soldiers – was secretly sacrificed as the fate of the Jewish state became so intertwined with South Africa that the Israeli security establishment came to believe the relationship saved the Jewish state.

CAMERA has responded with kind of a weak rebuttal, though they do wisely point to Benjamin Pogrund’s general remarks. You can view the full-text of Pogrund’s rebuttal of the apartheid allegation, as it originally appeared on Jewschool, here.