Last year the kashrut-observant world was turned upside down (inverted?) by accusations from PETA that AgriProcessorsInc in Postville, Iowa (also made famous from the 2000 book, “Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America,” by Stephen G. Bloom) was violating animal creulty laws, and indeed, that the kosher slaughterhouse’s procedures were in violation of kashrut practices, as well. PETA’s claims provoked massive defensiveness among Jewish organizations, who largely responded by accusing PETA of anti-Semitism.
The Department of Agriculture has now released a report finding that the producer of meat for the brands Aaron’s Best, Rubashkin’s and Iowa’s Best Beef, did indeed violate animal cruelty laws, that government inspectors took improper gifts of meat from plant managers, and that some of the plant’s inspectors made faulty inspections of carcasses, failed to correct unsanitary conditions and were seen sleeping and playing computer games on the job.
Perhaps we shall say that they were hoisted and shackled on their own petard?
Click here for a statement issued by a number of individual rabbis in different movements in response to last year’s publicizing of the matter.