Rabbi David Seidenberg has started a new website dedicated to “neo” (read: egalitarian, modern) hasidut. It seeks to share wisdom, create community, and encourage Jews across the globe to bring hasidic practice into their life. Currently available are free MP3 downloads, as well as the option to submit your favorite tunes to the site. This shamir suggests that you all check it out, and check back to see what happens as it grows.

NeoHasid.org: a community-based all-access resource to the spiritual wellsprings of Chasidut

  • A Pesach dance nigun for the counting of the Omer from Stoln ~ sung by Reb

  • A story about the miracle of compassion and Rebbe Mordechai of Neshkiz,
    from Yitzhak Buxbaum

  • An old standard for Yedid Nefesh – You probably know this one, but you may
    not have heard it done with Madrigal-like harmony in two voices ~ sung by
    Emilia Cataldo

  • The Skolier Ana BeKhoach as sung by the Berkeley Chevre ~ a rough cut but
    a sweet one

  • The X O phenomenon