You cannot mix pure with impure. Of course we have to keep apart from all the other nations. You must stand in the breach and prevent this. One cannot mix light with darkness. [We] are pure.
[They] are a nation of donkeys. They are an evil plague, an evil Satan, an evil pestilence. One may ask, ‘why did God not create them to walk on all fours?’ for they are donkeys. The answer is that they have to build and clean, but they have to understand that they are donkeys. There is no place for them in our schools.”

A. A Palestinian imam giving a Friday sermon from the Temple Mount
B. The Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan
C. A bishop allied with the Nazis during WWII
D. Rabbi David Batzri, the noted Kabbalist presently being primped to succeed Rav Yitzhak Kaduri
If you said ‘D’, you are correct. The cough “Rabbi” made the remarks in protest to the establishment of an Arab-Jewish school (aimed at promoting co-existence) in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Paht.