I am pleased to welcome the latest addition to the progressive Jewish blogging community, jspot.org, “the spot for Jewish perspectives on contemporary issues of social and economic justice.” jspot.org is a project of Jewish Funds for Justice and features the blogging talents of Mik Moore, Ben Ross, Jeremy Burton, Rabbi Jill Jacobs (a contributor to Radical Torah), Lauren Thomas, Noah Winer and Simon Greer.

jspot’s focus is on domestic issues only; no foreign policy, no Middle East, no Israel. We hope to direct some attention to the problems faced by those living in the United States without access to quality health care, housing, education, childcare, or a clean environment; those who work for low-wages, in unstable jobs, or are unemployed; those who struggle against discrimination and bigotry; those who are victims of violence and abuse. We hope to celebrate and scrutinize the efforts to address these problems; to offer varied perspectives and new ideas.

Designed by Matzat — the folks behind Jewschool, Radical Torah and Corner Prophets — jspot.org joins a host of new weblogs launched in recent months which emphasize progressive political voices in the Jewish community, including the Meretz USA blog, the New Israel Fund’s NIForum, the National Jewish Democratic Committe’s blog and Leonard Fine’s The Conversation, a project of Peace Now.
Mazal tov to JFSJ, and welcome to the family!