Dear Jewschool readers,
Below are some links to help you spice up your seder and add meaning to your holiday. From parody songs to social action tips there’s something for everyone – and most of it is available for free on the web. Whether you are planning your own seder or attening one with family and friends, most people will welcome sharing a few words or offering to add either something creative during the seder or the meal.
Most links below are direct links to Passover-related material. All links come to you as suggestions of Jewschool and our readers. In no way are these links officially endorsed by or Matzat. Further, this list is just a start – there are certainly many other places on the net to find out great things about Passover. If you’ve found any of these links helpful, or would like to suggest further links, please leave a comment to this post. A happy and kosher passover to everyone!!
With love,
-The wiggly squiggily shamir

Overall Passover site/”mega” site (with many outgoing links)

Full Haggadah Downloads (some have a small fee for ebook or pdf download)

Seder How-To

Haggadaah supplements and readings

Passover site with lyrics and/or mp3 to traditional and parody songs for seder

Explanations of modern Passover rituals

Divrei Torah about Passover, Sedarim, or Song of Songs

Passover humor, greeting cards, and animated cartoons

Afikoman prizes and other fun products

Games and activities for kids on Passover

Social action tips related to Passover

Passover recipes

Guides for halakhot (laws) of Kosher L’Pesach

Misc./no specific category