According to a stop-the-press article in the Forward (and additional sources who have asked to remain anonymous), the Jewish Theological Seminary is poised to select Professor Arnie Eisen as its new Chancellor. Alas, poor Gordon Tucker. The Rooftopper Rav is cautiously optimistic, however. Professor Eisen is generally perceived to be a true mensch, a religious Jew in many senses, an excellent scholar and teacher, and someone who is intimately aware of developments in contemporary American Jewish life. What seems less well known is where Professor Eisen stands on critical policy/halakhic issues rocking the Conservative Movement, such as ordination and marriage equality for LGBTQ Jews in the Conservative Movement.
Who’s familiar with Professor Eisen’s hashkafa? His connections (or lack thereof) to the Conservative Movement? Can he revolutionize the Movement?
(And is the Forward just on crack?)
MOTZA”SH UPDATE: The Times ran an article this morning reporting the same thing. They also declared that “… Conservative leaders have been striving to find a balance between those who advocate more rigorous observance and those who want to liberalize worship and permit, for example, more participation by women and homosexuals.” As a passionately observant Jew and a passionate advocate of full equality for all humans, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, this false dichotomy makes me insane. But that’s a subject for another post. In the meantime, go re-read BZ’s excellent post on cognitive frames.