To continue the thread on immigrant rights, join tomorrow, Monday, April 10th, for a National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice. Events will be taking place in cities and towns near you.

    The plan for the April 10 Day of Action came from the grassroots. The National Capital Immigrant Coalition – a coalition of immigrant, labor, faith, civil rights and business community groups in the metro, Washington, DC area – and allies around the nation, developed the concept of a National Day of Action. Immigrant communities are coming together on April 10 to proudly declare that “We Are America” and that immigration reform must not violate the American values that we cherish. In cities from coast-to-coast, immigrants, families and friends will gather, tell our own personal stories, demand political action and contribute our energy and talents to the growing movement for immigrant justice.

Local plug for the New York Mobilization at City Hall organized by Immigrant Communities in Action, a coalition of immigrant rights groups in Queens. More info here or to join a Jewish contingent here.
Latest articles in some of the Jewish press on immigration here and here. Send in more links for interesting reads.