They tell me I’m unfair towards chareidim. That I’m too harsh with them. That’s why Treppenwitz, for example, delisted Jewschool from his blogroll…
So, what does the chareidi community do when a 19 year-old yeshiva bocher, Yisrael Vales, admits to beating his three month old child to death because he couldn’t take the crying?
Do they scorn him? Condemn him? Put him in cherem for killing, not only his fellow Jew, but his own child? Expel him from the community?
They demand he be released from police custody by nightfall tonight or “Jerusalem will burn.” They have threatened riots, calling Vales’ arrest a “blood libel,” both perverting and watering down the meaning of the term. They hate the State of Israel so much, they would rather see this as a conspiracy intended to demonize chareidim than acknowledge the heinousness of Vales’ crime.
Where is the outrcry from the Orthodox Jbloggers? Nowhere to be found. Blog searches via Blogger and Technorati (on both spellings of Yisrael Vales/Valis) reveal a grand total of three results from unknown Jbloggers on this issue. The major players: They’re all silent.
Yofi. This is how we enter Pesach. With the chareidim threatening to destroy the ir hakodesh to defend an admitted murderer from prosecution.
And I shouldn’t be hard on them?
Fine. I’ll say tehillim for Vales’ son instead.