After Israel assassinated Hamas leaders Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, popular support for Hamas grew to unprecedent levels among the Palestinian people. In the Canadian documentary Hamas: Behind The Mask (torrent), when asked if these targetted assasinations were tactically wise decisions, Lt. Col. Yochanan Tzoref, an IDF counterterrorism expert said, “I think it’s the biggest success for Israel. Why? Because the support that Hamas got increased so much that the Hamas feel part of the Arab politics (sic). The most important thing for Israel is that Hamas will become a political movement and not a resistance movement.”
If Tzoref is to be believed, contrary to all rhetoric, spin, and “framing of the debate,” Israel very much wanted Hamas’ rise to power, and perhaps even their domination of the PA. It enables Israel to back Hamas and the PA into a corner and, in turn, force them to face the reality that the Jewish State is not going anywhere anytime soon. And they’ll do it by hanging Hamas with their own rope: Their refusal to recognize Israel and their advocacy of terrorism.
Now that “War on Terror” McCarthyism has everyone running scared, foreign governments and businesses are severing ties with the Hamas-led PA faster than you can say, “Follow the money.”
First — the obvious move: The US backed off, cutting all diplomatic ties and funding to the PA. Canada quickly followed suit. Then the EU froze aid, which led to huge protests in the Gaza strip. (Which is laughable, of course, when you have gunmen storming EU offices over cartoons, kidnapping internationals, and torching the headquarters of European state-sponsored organizations. “Sure, let’s just hand you nutbags free money!”)
Now all the foreign banks are cutting ties too, which, thanks to Fatah bankrupting the PA, is bringing the Palestinian economy to its knees. The World Bank is threatening to go next.
Time says Hamas is about to face a rude awakening, a sentiment echoed by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas himself. Without recognizing Israel and renouncing terror there are no diplomatic relations. Without diplomatic relations, there is no aid; with no aid, there is no PA; with no PA there is no Palestine. And yet if Hamas renounces terror and accepts Israel, they’re going to alienate a considerable number of die hard adherents. Thus Hamas is on the ropes.
Well methinks someone just discovered the rich kick of a double brewed cup of wake the f*ck up Israel’s been dying to serve since the first rock was thrown in the second intifada: Hamas to call off suicide attacks, recognize Israel within ’67 borders.
Yeah, yeah, I know–“Don’t get your hopes up.” They will never give up their designs to destroy Israel, yada, yada. It’s a start, in any event. And ingenious, if it really was a tactical decision on Israel’s part. Wreckless and insane, but ingenious nonetheless.