I’ve had to keep my mouth shut about this for weeks, now, but the interview she did with the Jerusaelm Post is finally out, so I can kvell a little. (For some reason I can’t find the story on the Post online–maybe it’s not up yet–but it is in today, Friday’s, print edition).
Noted rabbi Aryeh Strikovsky signed her certificate right before Pesach, after 12 years of study in various locations. (She also is in the very last stages of dissertaton revisions for her PhD in halakha from Bar Ilan).
There are a couple of other women with Orthodox smicha out there–Mimi Feigelson studied under Shlomo Carlebach and received smicha from a beit din of 3 shortly after his death, and Eveline Goodman-Thau was ordained in 2000 by R. Jonathan Chapman. But Haviva’s the first to have been public about it all from the beginning–she applied to YU a whole lot of years back, has been in the press, etc., so this is a really big deal, dang good for the Jews if you ask me.
If you haven’t read her book, Life on the Fringes, you should. It’s religious feminism at its yummiest.
ETA: The Post story is up now, here.