Whenever I tell people that before my current stint at YU I studied in Crown Heights, they are skeptical. What could the Hasidic Modern Orthodoxy (thank you, Sue) have to do with Modern Orthodoxy proper? How could a follower of the Rebbe become a follower of the Rav?
I don’t intend to answer any of those questions. Writing a reflective essay is totally not my style. Calling attention to rogue underground YU heresies, though, is. For the price of $20.00 (more than the price of most punk concert t-shirts) you can get a Daas Torah T.
Cheaper Than Paying Full Tuition
The advertisement in my email read, “Howdy Haverim, Ever feel like you are not cool enough? Not frum enough?” Ironically I saw someone wearing one of these in my ‘Religious Tolerance and Intolerance’ classroom.
Ironic on so many levels.