It’s not that hard to find those oh-so elusive, mythical beings once you look around a little. Case in point: Lucy Widaad, also known as Palestinian Princess. In her latest post, she writes:

The economy of Palestine is thriving under Hamas rule… NOT!
I wonder what the hell is going to happen here. People are not being paid their salaries (gov’t workers), merchants are not seeing cash flow and renters are not paying the rent in our building claiming that they don’t have the money. Ouch, that hurts my pocket! Us Palestinians have got to get cracking or we will see a insurgance of violence soon. Lack of money will drive some people to work as hired guns for the Islamic Jihad and related groups leading to violence and more hatered towards Israel, this will effect the peace loving among us as we will also feel the Israeli backlash of making our lives EVEN MORE difficult.
Hamas is entering a long dark tunnel with no way out. With the political party Fatah virtually torn and dying, it is time for us Palestinians to think about building a new national movement.
We must save ourselves, but we cannot do it alone either. It is the time to create a political and social entity that is capable of supporting the government of a state, the Palestinian State. Fatah could not do it because they were obviously corrupt. Hamas does not want to do it, because they do not want to give up their sole role as a “resistance” organization. Therefore a new political and social force must be created. And we must do it now!
Now is the time for us Palestinians to create a responsible, honest, moderate, secular movement. It doesn’t have to have a particular political focus but it needs to serve as an organization for supporting life in the Palestinian territories and an instrument for distribution of funds from international donors. This entity will be built using a network of existing NGOs as a nucleus, a support system and guidance. Order and hope need to be restored. and this is the main objective initially. Because we will have funding, and Hamas will not, we will eventually make the Hamas government irrelevant, whether or not the Hamas stay in power.
We will obviously need help to do this and money is not enough. We will need the international community to support us and Arab governments will have to play a big role as moderators and enforcers. The Israeli government has a part to play too. Israel will have to unfreeze the funds it owes the Palestinians to help support our new entity. The ports and border crossings of the Palestinian authorities must be opened to free transport of goods. We have to nip this in the bud NOW, poverty breeds radicalism, and radicalism can be exported. And that means a threat for everyone in the world.
Now the question is, uhhh, how do I get started. Suggestions please. I am so willing to do this, as you all now I am unemployed and I don’t think I want to be a gunwoman, I am a PEACE LOVER. So help me.

So, nu? Not that we’re anything remotely close to being experts on the topic or necessarily being able to relate to her situation, but that’s never stopped us before. She’s asking for any and all suggestions. What do we think? More importantly, what can we do?
Cross-posted from Palestinian Princess (in part), Deityblog