I tried to restrain myself from blogging about Yeshiva University twice in a row. This post is proof that the duct tape and bondage were unsuccessful. Tonight six students argued in front of the university (or those in the university who chose to attend) for or against the impeachment of George W. Bush. The first-place prize was around 700 dollars. The title was the Langfan Constitutional Oratory Competition.
What’s news is that this bastion and stronghold of right-wing ideology had a 50% division between students arguing for and against the impeachment. This was not a calculated sample, but a representation of the students who chose to participate. That means that 3 of the 6 speakers argued that our adorable president’s offenses (or president’s adorable offenses?) were worse than those of Nixon and Clinton. Those arguing for the impeachment cited the FISA wiretapping scandal, the lies regarding WMD’s in Iraq, and the unlawful use of torture. The ones arguing against tending to try to rally the judges around the flag.
The winner of the competition, which may be even more important to contextualize the possible shift of religious Jewish politics, was a student arguing for the impeachment of the President. Unfortunately, the speeches were poorly attended, leading me to conclude that more than radical right-wing politics, apathy is the bane at Yeshiva University.