While some use (or misuse) secular to define Jews who they deem are “assimilated,” unaffiliated or non-religious, they most often glide over the rich history of Jewish secularism. I’ve been fortunate to work with a handful of folks who come from, and embrace, their backgrounds as red-diaper baby Jews and the link to radical politics, particularly through groups like Jewcy (yes the political networking groups that were formed before the name was, yes I’ll say it, snagged and then bought and sold for consumer consumption) and JFREJ.
Well, for those who may not have seen, there’s a new(er) site called Left-Wing that documents this history. Some of the more interesting sections are the background history of the Jewish Bund, a Jewish Political Party of Labor Workers, founded in 1897 and was made up of Jews from all over Eastern Europe.
There is also some interesting background on Jewish socialists, including Rosa Luxembourg, Emma Goldman, Karl Marx, Mordechai Anieleiwicz and Albert Einstein.
The analysis is not all that, but a good primer. If you have more resources, send in ideas, links.
This definitely isn’t a bad time to continue resurrecting these Jewish roots.