ynet reports,

“It is absurd that the American taxpayers should fund a plan that will ethnically cleanse an area of Jews by expelling tens of thousands of Jews from their homes,” stated Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn.
“And why should US citizens whose government is in the midst of fighting a war on terror pay to help establish what will clearly become a center for global jihad after Israel evacuates?” Hikind said.
The lawmaker arrived in Israel yesterday for a whirlwind tour of many of the West Bank Jewish communities slated for evacuation under Olmert’s convergence plan, which seeks to change Israel’s borders by withdrawing from most of the territory.

Yeah, goddamnit! Why should the US in any way have to pay for the road map it’s imposed on Israel? Better they should pay for Hikind’s staff to fly to Israel to obstruct the IDF from carrying out its evacuation orders. Because, if anyone should be getting ethnically cleansed, it should be those damned Palestinians, right Mr. former-JDL-lieutant Hikind? You sure do speak for New York City’s Jewish community, particularly your large hareidi anti-Zionist constituency, and I’m sure, all the people of color in your district, plus those damned liberal Jewish reshayim who want to make peace in the Middle East and think your esteemed Rebbe Kahane was a prick.
Which, I guess, is at least one quality you share with your deceased hero. Ya prick!