For those of you who haven’t seen, our May/June issue of AJL Magazine is out and features the over-the-top bar mitzvah comedy Keeping Up With the Steins on our cover. We go behind the scenes of the flick and have sidebars on celebrity bar mitzvah memories, star Jeremy Piven, and pop star turned movie cantor Jaron Lowenstein. The issue’s complete table of contents can be found here.
But that’s not the purpose of this post…
The purpose of this post is to solicit help for our Jul/Aug issue. That will be our annual “What’s Hot” issue and we’re looking to you, dear Jewschool readers, for suggestions on the hottest people, places, sites, trends, etc. in Judaism today. And no Natalie Portman or Zach Braff entries allowed. No Matisyahu or Jewish hipsterism either. C’mon, people, let’s think outside the proverbial hot box.
Send your submissions to [email protected]. As always, thanks for your help.