Following Jewschool’s lead, the Jewish Week has reported on lame-duck JTS chancellor Ismar Schorsch’s farewell rant.
They have obtained a transcript of Schorsch’s speech, so they’ve released a few more amazing nuggets, including an attack on “the primitiveness of rap”, and a false dichotomy between “the dense and demanding discourse of scholarship” and “the rhythmic beat of the drums”. (He applies this dichotomy to the younger generation’s tastes by saying “A synagogue out of sync is deemed bereft of spirituality”, as if the soulless Conservative synagogues that this generation is shunning are hotbeds of scholarly discourse.)
Jewschool broke the story first, and the Jewish Week indeed gave proper credit to this “Internet chat room” [sic], quoting the Rooftopper Rav at length, as well as a number of comments in that thread. (Go see if you’re famous!)
The reporter’s biases are fascinating: he refers to the Rooftopper Rav and two commenters (Yeilah and striemel) as “he”. Of course, none of them identified their gender in their posts (nor is it obvious from their blognomens), but the writer assumes that the default blogger, or the default “rav”, or the default human, is male.
Also, the last two paragraphs suggest that they are quoting two different people, but they in fact come from the same comment. This comment was one of the few supporting Schorsch. Perhaps the Jewish Week was making one person appear to be two in order to make the story more “balanced”?