birthright israel’s faq claims that their trips are “open to all Jewish young adults… who have not traveled to Israel before on a peer educational trip… regardless of religious affiliation, community involvement or financial wherewithal.” Apparently now there’s an additional condition to add to the list: openness to seeing another side of the story.
Yesterday, Sierra, a birthright israel participant was dropped from the trip because she was planning to travel to the West Bank with Birthright Unplugged following the birthright israel program. Birthright Unplugged is a 6-day educational trip around the West Bank that gives mostly young North American Jews the opportunity to meet Palestinians and learn about daily life under the occupation.
Call birthright israel and tell them what you think about their attempt to stop people from learning firsthand about the situation in Israel/Palestine. birthright israel phone number: 888-99-ISRAEL (994-7723). Israel Outdoors program (the specific program Sierra planned to go on): 800-566-4611.
Support Sierra to come on Birthright Unplugged. Send a message to birthright israel that they can’t stop people from learning! Now that she is not going on a Birthright Israel trip, she needs to raise the money for a plane ticket if she wants to join the Unplugged trip. Contact [email protected] if you can make a donation to help buy Sierra a plane ticket. Let them know how much you are able to give. To learn more about how to donate, click here