Those of you making your way through Europe or the Middle East this Aug. will have some exciting options for Queer-Jewish events:
1. Queer Shabbaton Amsterdam August 4-6, 2006

In the summer of 2005 Congregation Beith Ha Chidush in Amsterdam organised its first Queer Shabbaton in Europe’s hottest capital. LGBTQ Jews from all over the world came together to focus on arts, performance and politics. By means of workshops and discussions led by international authorities in various fields, participants celebrated the rich and diverse traditions in which their diverse identities are rooted. The Queer Shabbaton Amsterdam also turned out a great way to meet nice Jewish grrrzls and boyz from all over Europe, the States and Israel. Entertainment and delicious shabbat dinners played a central role during this weekend!
Amsterdam Gay Pride will take place on Saturday and the shabbaton will offer a great framework to watch or even participate in this event. The Queer Shabbaton will be held in one of Amsterdam’s oldest synagogues, the Uilenburg Synagogue. Hospitality housing for the shabbaton will be arranged.

2. World Pride: J’lem or Tel Aviv?
This year’s World Pride, rescheduled from last year’s attempt to be in Jerusalem, is now rumored to be moved to Tel Aviv. As expected, world religious leaders are pleased:

Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious and political leaders have put aside their differences and have come together to defend the city against what has been referred to as an “attack.” Earlier this week, Israel’s Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar formally wrote Pope Benedict XVI asking for help in stopping homosexual activists from staging the event. The Vatican, via its ambassador, has already expressed its concerns to the Israeli leadership.

To support the event:
To boycott the event (and Israel in general):
If anyone has any pro-Jerusalem, but anti-gay boycott info, please send it along.