In a similar recruitment tactic to Scientology and the Kabbalah Centre, the fundamentalist (no judgments!) Aish HaTorah cultivates celebrity association with their movement in order to increase their visibility and attraction, including actors Elliot Gould and Kirk Douglas. 
On Luke Ford’s site, Jon Papernick claims that they aren’t maximizing an important one, the Waco wacko himself, David Koresh.  This makes no sense, as he wasn’t Jewish, but that is what Papernick insists.

Jon: “It [Aish HaTorah] was the same yeshiva David Koresh went to.”
Luke: “I didn’t know David Koresh went to Aish HaTorah.”
Jon: “They won’t admit it, but it’s true. There’s a Koresh street in the old city. That’s where he took his last name.”

C/O: Failed Messiah